Emotional and physical wellness is a key factor in securing and retaining employment. Rubicon’s Wellness services help participants manage every day stress and chronic health conditions, mild to moderate mental illness, and substance addiction. We provide on-site wellness education workshops, help participants access primary health care, and learn to advocate for their needs. Wellness Clinicians also offer short-term individual therapy sessions and support a warm hand-off to partner treatment providers for longer-term or more intensive therapies.

Services include:

  • One-on-one support from a Wellness Coach to asses needs and create a roadmap to success.
  • Enrollment in health care services and support to access services and learn how to advocate for your own health needs.
  • Workshops and other wellness education that include smoking cessation, managing high blood pressure, and recovery groups.
  • Short-term individual therapy sessions and referrals to other providers for longer-term services.

Our partners include: 

  • 18 Reasons
  • Healthy Richmond - Access to Quality Healthcare Action Team
  • Community Clinic Consortium
  • Contra Costa Health Services

How We Work

Each Rubicon participant begins their journey by completing the Foundations Workshop. This two-week workshop series is designed to help participants understand the barriers to economic mobility, boldly empower them to feel that they have the ability to change their circumstances, form strong, positive connections with staff and peers, and introduce them to the full range of resources available at Rubicon that will help them to realize their personal goals.

Each participant is assigned to work with an Impact Coach who will be their primary relationship at Rubicon. The Impact Coach and participant will work together for up to three years. Over the course of their work together, the Impact Coach will help the participant to access the services needed to support their continued success.

Wellness Services Staff

Kimi Barnes - Health Resource Manager

Kimi BarnesHealth Resource Manager

Carole Dorham-Kelly - Chief Program Officer

Carole Dorham-KellyChief Program Officer

Reggie Boyer - Impact Coach, Richmond

Reggie BoyerImpact Coach, Richmond

Yolanda Bolden - Wellness Coach

Yolanda BoldenWellness Coach

Impact Coach

The Impact Coach is the primary relationship between the participant and Rubicon. Each participant is assigned an Impact Coach who will provide support and guidance for the duration of their work with Rubicon. While our Impact Coaches perform many of the same duties as a traditional case manager, the position is unique because we see this relationship as the primary intervention that will unlock a participants full potential. Our Impact Coaches are trained in motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care principles, and  bring, on average, five to seven years of counseling and case management experience to the position.   

Health Resource Manager

The Health Resource Manager helps to make connections between Rubicon and formal health systems to build collaborative relationships to enhance our Wellness services and provide additional resources for our participants. The Health Resource Manager oversees all internal services, and provides leadership on curriculum development and staff training.

Wellness Director

The Licensed Behavioral Health Manager provides clinical supervision, individual and group counseling and crisis intervention to participants.  The Behavioral Health Manager also ensures that the behavioral health team, including registered psychologists, associate social workers and counseling interns, providing the highest level of service to participants and on-track to meeting team goals and outcomes.