Rubicon’s financial services help participants build the assets they need to achieve economic mobility. In addition to workshops to help participants gain a solid understanding of the issues that impact their financial health, a Financial Coach provides a customized set of services helps participants accomplish their individual financial goals, and partners with them to explore financial products and connect them to other services that promote prosperity.

Services include: 

  • One-on-one sessions with a Financial Coach to assess participant’s individual needs and goals.
  • Screening for public benefits.
  • Elective workshops to help participants increase their knowledge of asset building activities.
  • Guidance for credit repair, credit building, debt repayment, and household budgeting.
  • Access to mainstream banking.

Our partners include: 

  • Mission Asset Fund
  • Community Financial Resources
  • Peoples Trust Credit Union
  • EARN
  • Transunion
  • Credit Builders Alliance

How We Work

Each Rubicon participant begins their journey by completing the Foundations Workshop. This two-week workshop series is designed to help participants understand the steps to prosperity, boldly empower them to feel that they have the ability to change their circumstances, form strong, positive connections with staff and peers, and introduce them to the full range of resources available at Rubicon that will help them to realize their personal goals.

After completing the workshop, each participant is assigned to work with an Impact Coach who will be their primary relationship at Rubicon. The Impact Coach and participant will work together for up to three years. The Impact Coach helps them identify their long-term financial goals, like car or home ownership, and assists in coordinating access to other Rubicon financial staff and services that will help them in achieving their goals.

Assets Services Staff

LaReese Stitts - Impact Coach, Richmond

LaReese StittsImpact Coach, Richmond

Sarah Williams - Staff Attorney

Sarah WilliamsStaff Attorney

Pat Kaspar - Staff Attorney

Pat KasparStaff Attorney

Ruben Cantu - Impact Coach, Richmond

Ruben CantuImpact Coach, Richmond

Impact Coach

The Impact Coach is the primary relationship between the participant and Rubicon. Each participant is assigned an Impact Coach who will provide support and guidance for the duration of the participant’s work with Rubicon. While our Impact Coaches perform many of the same duties as a traditional case manager, the position is unique because this relationship is the primary intervention that unlocks a participant’s full potential. Our Impact Coaches are trained in motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care principles, and  bring, on average, five to seven years of counseling and case management experience to the position.   

Financial Coach

Financial Coaches provide one-on-one and group financial literacy education and coaching to participants. They also oversee the work of the Financial Associates in conducting public benefit screening and enrollment assistance, and help coordinate the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program at their site. Financial Coaches motivate, assist and support participants in setting and accomplishing individual financial goals, and partner with them to explore financial products and connect to other services that promote prosperity.

Staff Attorney

Our staff attorneys provide one-on-one legal assistance and facilitate workshops on a variety of legal topics.  Attorneys work with Rubicon participants to assess and identify legal issues, provide individual representation, and work on collective advocacy.  Our attorneys address legal barriers to employment and bring specific legal expertise  in areas of need for our participants that include  employment, consumer, housing, income, and family law.