Rubicon in the News

Richmond Confidential: Rubicon continues to support Richmond residents after 43 years in community

November 2017

For over 40 years, Rubicon has served East Bay residents with the goal of ending poverty. The program offers life coaching and financial and legal resources to the formerly incarcerated and parents of families living under the poverty line. The group brings in up to 20 new participants every two weeks at its Richmond site. They also have sites in Oakland, Antioch and Hayward.

San Francisco Business Times: Sometimes you get what you need - Drummond’s story

November 2017

Sometimes, you endeavor to accomplish one small goal, and it snowballs into a life-changing event. As the Rolling Stones once said, “you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.” In Drummond’s case, he – a Rubicon participant from the first cohort under its new program model – got both. Just one year ago, someone told him that Rubicon could reinstate his suspended license, and help him get his life in order, find a job and build a career.

East Bay Times Op-Ed: AB 1250 is a vivid lesson in unintended consequences

August 2017

By Jane Fischberg & Dan Geiger

In government, good intentions frequently have unintended consequences. Unfortunately, many of these unintended consequences can have irreversible impacts, costing lives, chilling innovation and disintegrating community institutions that have reliably served our neighbors for decades. That’s the case with AB 1250. This legislation has a purportedly noble goal: to protect employment security for public employees.  But in actuality, it constructs an elaborate system that locks out the nonprofits and medical specialists that ensure that some of our community’s most vulnerable residents receive care.

East Bay Times Letter-to-the-Editor: Stop AB 1250 to save counties’ community nonprofits

August 2017

By David Gray

Multiple nonprofit groups statewide providing mission-critical services through contracts with counties are at risk of closing if the California State Legislature adopts Assembly Bill 1250. This bill would put many high-quality community based organizations out of business. Examples include Rubicon Programs, Shelter Inc. and Early Childhood Mental Health.

East Bay Times: Landmark settlement offers some relief from crushing traffic ticket fines

August 2017

“When you suspend a person’s license there is supposed to be a finding of willfulness,” said Sarah Williams, a staff attorney with Rubicon Programs, a Contra Costa County-based nonprofit that led a coalition of Bay Area legal aid organizations in filing a class action lawsuit last year.  “When someone doesn’t pay a ticket that doesn’t mean it’s willful if they can’t afford to pay it.”

Rubicon’s New Approach in East Bay Times

March 2017

RICHMOND — For more than 40 years, Rubicon Programs, an East Bay nonprofit, has assisted residents, many of them with rap sheets, get housing and employment. The organization has won accolades for its work, but all too often, participants returned, needing help again and again.

Even more depressingly, years later, their children would come in asking for help, underscoring the immense challenge of eradicating poverty, even in one of the wealthiest regions of the country.