Keep Us Moving Forward

By Jane Fischberg November 09, 2016

Today at Rubicon we are finding ways to support each other, and our participants.  We are shocked that there are more than enough US voters to hand an electoral victory to someone who is at odds with the core values we work to uphold each day. We are taking today to grieve, and to begin the process of healing.

In California, the electorate voted in opposition to the stands we took on three of six propositions, including expressing support for the death penalty -- not only affirming  the death penalty but also putting into place procedures to expedite implementation of individual sentences.

We will find our way to keep hope alive, as always believing in the strength and potential of the communities in which we work.  We will continue our work with partner organizations, knowing that in unity we will find mutual strength.

Please take today to be extra kind to those people in your life who give you meaning.  Love and hope prevail over fear and hatred.  That will keep us moving forward.

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