Rubicon History | Mental Heath & Wellness Services

By Lisa Dyas September 6, 2016

Beginning 1973, Rubicon offered mental health and wellness services to some of our most vulnerable neighbors in Richmond, CA. We helped people living with persistent and severe mental health issues find stability, access benefits to help them address their health needs, find housing, and manage their money.

As the agency grew, however, it evolved to meet the changing demands of the communities it served. In 1989 Rubicon began Project Independence to help people access permanent and permanent supportive housing. Rubicon also started two social enterprise businesses, a bakery and landscape company, and began its workforce development services in both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

In 2014, we realized that we were providing two very different sets of services to equally unique populations. While we were extremely proud of our more than 40 year history of helping people meet their mental health needs, we knew that we could best achieve our vision of an East Bay without poverty by focusing our services on our program participants who were seeking to enter, or re-enter the workforce, with the ultimate goal of earning self-sufficiency wages.

We made the difficult decision to stop offering our mental health and wellness services in 2016. Mental Health and Wellness services are offered at organizations throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. There are many providers throughout the East Bay that continue to provide mental health services. Please see the list below for resources.


Resources for Mental Health Services

From anywhere in the East Bay, call 211 (dial 211 from your phone or go to for referrals to resources in your area.

In Contra Costa County:

  • Contra Costa County Access Line: 1-888-678-7277.
  • Money Management assistance, please call Criss Cross at: 1-866-380-9708
  • Substance Abuse services, please contact the Contra Costa Substance Abuse Access Line at: 1-800-846-1652.
  • If you are Homeless, please contact the Contra Costa County Homeless Hotline at: 1-800-799-6599.
  • You may also contact 211 (dial 211 from your phone or go to, the Bay Area Social Service information network. They will refer you to resources in your area.

In Alameda County:

  • Alameda County Access line: 1-800-491-9099
  • Alameda County Crisis Line: 1-800-309-2131.
  • Berkeley residents may contact the Berkeley Mental Health crisis and information line: 510-981-5290.
  • Berkeley residents who are homeless may contact the Berkeley Homeless Outreach program: 510-981-2388

If you are a former participant of Rubicon's Mental Health and Wellness program and need access to your medical records, please contact Hallie Friedman.

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Another Fatal Police Shooting of a Black Person

By Jane Fischberg July 7, 2016

I hope for a time when we do not have reason to grieve another Black life taken by gun violence, especially due to police brutality.

A friend wrote:

Don't do while black: 
1. Sell CD's (‪#‎AltonSterling)

2. Play in park (‪#‎TamirRice)

3. Wear hoodie (‪#‎TrayvonMartin)

4. Pump gas (‪#‎JordanDavis)

5. Ride BART (‪#‎OscarGrant)

6. Enter own home (‪#‎HenryLouisGates)

File these next to: laugh loud on wine train, drive a nice car, carry a gun in an open carry state, ask for help after a car accident, walk to a drug store like 7-11 for a late night snack, and shop in nice stores.

I would add:

7. Sell cigarettes (#EricGarner)

8. Being pulled over for routine traffic stop ( #SandraBland )

9. Catch the eye of a police officer (#FreddieGray)

Or any of the more than 100 unarmed Black people killed by Police in 2015 in the US.

These incidents have become tragically frequent, and we cannot and will not allow ourselves to accept them as the status quo.  We are directly and indirectly impacted by systemic racism – we cannot ignore the fact of this oppression yet we can equip ourselves and our participants to take action against it.  Black Lives Matter.

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Rubicon Programs | Financial Documents

By Lisa Dyas July 1, 2016

Rubicon is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to transform East Bay communities by equipping people to break the cycle of poverty. Our organizational values of justice, hope, and humility apply to every aspect of our organization, including how we handle our finances. We are proud of our efficiency, transparancey and accountability to both our donors and participants. Below please find copies our most recent audited financial statements and IRS Form 990.  

Audited Financial Statements




IRS Form 990




You can also find us on Guidestar here.

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